THANK YOU to Neighborhood Volunteers

2019 Progressive Dinner Thank you to the Committee (Jim Arsenault, Gina Bernstein, Rita Mukerji, Andy Odden,  & Iva Youkelis), many who are returning volunteers, for organizing the 2019 Progressive Dinner.

2018 Halloween Festival: Thank you to Anna Ives,  Jenn Strahle & Chrissie Wojciechowski  for co-chairing the upcoming Halloween Festival.

2018 Movie Night: Thank you to the Movie Night Committee (Liz McCandless, Heather Johns & Marisa Johnson) for organizing the October Movie Night.

2018 Block Party: A big thank you to Marisa Johnson and the Block Party “Committee” (Anna Ives, Heather Johns, Becky Melander; Liz McCandless, Maureen Satorius & Stacey Wallach) for organizing last August’s fantastic Block Party.

2018 4th of July Parade: Thanks to Heather Johns who organized the July 4th parade this year.

About CPNO Committee

Claverach Park Neighborhood is located in Clayton, Missouri.
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