Total US Rankings (2019): Clayton School District #13: City of Clayton #5

Ranking of Clayton School District  —-Source: Niche

Ranking of Clayton as a Place to Live —Source: Niche

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THANK YOU to Neighborhood Volunteers

2020 February Salon Series: Thanks to Bob LaRossa (and Bob & Denise LaRossa for hosting as well!) for sharing his thoughts regarding: approaches to furniture design, construction and use of materials, and characteristics of commercial and custom contemporary furniture.

2019 Halloween Party:  Thank you to the Committee (Anna Ives, Beth McLeod, Chrissie Wojciechowski) for organizing.

2019 October Salon Series: Thanks to Joanna Dee Das (and Chris/Sarah Schmidt for hosting) for sharing her thoughts on dance.

2019 4th of July Parade: Thanks to Heather Johns who organized the July 4th parade this year.

2019 Progressive Dinner Thank you to the Committee (Jim Arsenault, Gina Bernstein, Rita Mukerji, Andy Odden,  & Iva Youkelis), many who are returning volunteers, for organizing the 2019 Progressive Dinner.

2019 May Salon Series: Thanks to Andy Youkilis (and Debbie/Michael Polinsky who hosted) for sharing his experiences (~15 years) helping children in Guatemala with medical challenges.

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Yard Waste Reminder (from Agents)

  • No yard waste in front of your house (except during the Fall and Spring pickup periods).
  • 2019 curbside leaf pickup schedule: Dates TBD (All Wednesdays)
  • Parks’ curbs and islands: PLEASE do not use for dumping yard waste from owner’s yards
  • Storm Tree Branch Removal: The city is responsible for collecting branches from the trees they maintain (between curbs and sidewalks). Other storm debris in your yard is to be put in your yard waste containers.
  • Weekly Yard Waste Pickup Schedule. With a green sign on your front door on Mondays, yard waste service will come to back of house to (a). empty trash cans filled with yard waste, or (b) remove paper bags filled with yard waste. (Note: When a collection day falls on a holiday or follows a holiday, the pickup is shifted to the next day). To report an issue regarding pickup, please use the link or call Republic Services (636-947-5959) to report an issue.
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