Claverach Park Trustees

The Agents shall protect and preserve said Claverach Park, and each lot owner or occupant thereof, from encroachment, trespass, nuisance and injury, so as to maintain the same high class and desirable private residential district for residences for one family only.

Any lot owner desiring to construct or reconstruct any residence on any lot in Claverach Park, or alter or improve any residence or building appurtenant thereto already constructed, shall, before commencing same, submit the plans and specifications therefor to the Agents, and the Agents shall examine, pass upon, approve or reject all of said plans and specifications so submitted to them within ten days from the receipt thereof.

The Agents shall call a meeting, at their discetion, of the lot owners, on such date and at such place in the City or County of St. Louis, Missouri, as now or hereafter constituted, as the Agents may determine. At any meeting the Agents shall submit a written report for the preceding year(s).